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Johnny Wu Designs – A Celebration!

Running a successful and prosperous factory in New York City’s revered Garment District is quite an accomplishment these days. Running a successful and prosperous factory in New York City’s revered Garment District for twelve straight years is cause for celebration! And that is just what happened at Johnny Wu Designs’ factory on February 11, 2016 also the Year Of The Monkey! On that chilly mid-winter evening Mr. Wu’s loyal employees, and valued clients gathered at his new factory – a large, bright space on west 35th street. A fabulous spread of Chinese dishes was set out, offset by beautiful flowers offered by the guests. Mr. Wu greeted everyone with the happy announcement of a free series of workshops he will soon schedule, designed to support and instruct emerging designers in the craft and technology of production. Mr. Wu hopes to offer his ancestral skills to the enhancement and efficiency of Western creativity, creating a bridge between these two worlds. He will be reaching out to young, emerging designers with whom he shares a commitment to the “Made In America” brand. He said to the large, happy crowd: “…in China we have production but not so much design, in certain parts of the U.S.A you have design but no production…but here in New York we have both and we must come together!” Since the party was a celebration of the Chinese New Year as well, there was a raffle with cool gifts, there was karaoke and there was dancing too. The Year Of The Monkey signifies cleverness, and intelligence especially in the areas of career and wealth. Johnny Wu Designs wants to be a part of that energy, this year, right here in New York.

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