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Alteration & Buttonhole
Whether the length of the garment is too long or short, or the waist is be too tight or too loose, or just a simple button sewn on, Johnny Wu Designs is the place to have your clothing alterations.

As a Full Service Garment Manufacturer in NYC, we have over 35 years of experiences tailoring high-end garments as well as casual wears. We can make professional alterations on any type of clothing by different types of sewing machines.

Alteration Service

  • Men's Wear: shirts, coats, suits, jackets, Jeans, outerwear
  • Ladies’ Wear: jersey wear, blouses, suits, evening gowns
  • Children’s wear: dress, pants, tops, jackets, suits
  • Wedding Wear: wedding gown, bridesmaid dress
  • Custom Services

Button Hole making

  • Regular buttonholes
  • Keyholes
  • Eyelets
  • Grommets

(Note:We can work with all kinds of fabrics)

Our general production capacity is 3000 pieces pants / month, 2500 pieces dresses / month, 2500 pieces shirts / month, other garment 2000 pieces / month.

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